Thursday, 30 October 2008

Miley Cyrus is a Good Role Model

Miley Cyrus will not be the next Brittney Spears. A controversial topic in the hallways of high schools across America is whether you like Miley Cyrus or not. This sixteen-year-old actress/pop singer is one of the biggest stars today. She has her own show, “Hannah Montana” which is on its third season on Disney Channel. She’s had two movies made about it, and she recently did the voice of Penny in the new Pixar/Disney Movie Bolt. She has several albums and is still recording.

Despite all her hard work to earn the worldwide fame, several people believe she’s only famous because of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and that she’s a terrible role model because she has inappropriate pictures floating around the Internet. “Only insofar as she is the next most likely teen star to go Britney Spears on us. The 15-year-old has even ripped a page from Britney's handbook, publicly proclaiming her virginity while dressing for a hooker convention.” Said Martha Brockenbrough of MSN Cinemama.

This is a legitimate argument but they’re wrong.  Yes, her father was/is a famous country singer, and good singing is in the genes. She had to audition for her show Hannah Montana four times to get the role. Yes, there are some bad pictures of her, but everyone makes mistakes. "I don't want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect." Said Cyrus. And anyone who all of a sudden skyrockets into fame is going to make more mistakes than usual. Everything she does is amplified, and she can’t help that. It’s unfortunate that she took those pictures, but that’s in the past now. “It was one honestly dumb decision. You know, there’s a first time for everything. It was my first time working with a big photographer and blah blah blah blah. I think I just kinda got put under pressure and that’s OK, ’cause I learned a lot from it. And I just know to trust my better judgment and my thought and my gut feeling. And so I just think: be a little more careful next time.” Said Cyrus. 

She’s also a good role-model for weight, Teens and Tweens everywhere are upset because of their weight, mainly because of celebrities who refuse to get their picture taken while eating food (like Victoria Beckham), but Cyrus eats away for the camera; yet another example of showing kids that you don’t have to be perfect and there’s always a second chance.

            The solution to all this controversy is to leave her alone. She’s working as hard as possible to be a role model. The pressure involved is intense. She’s posting GO GREEN videos on youtube, She’s involved in charitable causes all the time, like the Libby Ross Foundation, City of Hope, and Musicians on Call. Don’t choose her destiny for her, and put her in a box. If you don’t like pop, ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitudes, or the Hannah Montana series, that’s your opinion. She needs to be encouraged, so if you hate her, it won’t help to make a website about all the reasons why. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


YAY!  That was fantastic. We didn't get to see Obama, but it was worth the experience. 
Yesterday, our community came together to see Barack Obama speak! It was incredible how everyone took off time to wait in line. My town has James Madison University, and he was scheduled to speak at 5:30 p.m. My school gave permission for people to leave early after lunch to go see him (only if we have written permission from our parents of course). Its amazing how the community can come together because of ONE person. It was the first time a presidential canidate had come to Harrisonburg sense Douglas. (He ran against Abraham Lincoln). 
I left school after first block, at 9:30 in the morning. And we stood in line for 6 and a half hours in the COLD. We had our first SNOW! Four cups of coffee later, the doors opened and people started trucking in. 
Unfortunately we didn't go early enough. Well we did, but too many people cut in front of us and the 7200 seater building filled up too fast. We ended up going to a gym to watch a streaming video of the speech. 
Even though it felt like we wasted a whole day, we didn't really... Because we got to be part of the movement. We got to come together with the whole town for this reason.
It felt good.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are lame. 
I AM working today. 
I'm taking my AP US test (I don't feel ready)
I have so much work in History of Photography to catch up on. 
UGH.  Why are monday's so lame? In Saudi monday's were awesome. Because it was the middle of the week, because the week started on Saturday, and ended on Wednesday.

EXCEPT. I have exciting news. 

He's so awesome, and he's coming to JMU tomorrow, and I'm leaving school early to see him. YAY!! I'm so amped to wait in line for 5 hours with my best friends. And then SEE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATESSS. 
I did go to help out with John Edwards in South Carolina 4 years ago. But he lost, so it's not exciting. 

Friday, 24 October 2008


I love fridays! Go blue streaks!!
4 amazing things are happening. 
I'm NOT working. 
I'm seeing High School Musical 3
I'm giving blood (in 40 min. actually)
and we're playing our last home game against our rivals. 
(football of course)
I hope we win. I don't think we will because our team is slacking this year, we even lost our homecoming game. That's embarrassing. 

All I have to do is get through this AP US test on 4th block. 
I love life. 

Thursday, 23 October 2008

♫NYC Just got here this morning! 3 bucks, 2 bags, 1 me!♫

I've never been to NYC. In fact I've only been to 6 states. But my AP LANG class is going in March. And I'm so going to go. Or I hope I do, if my parents let me. 
It's like... "Hey lets put all your best friends, in New York City, for three days. Why not?" 
WOW. That would be SO MUCH FUN. 
Its like a journalism workshop for one day, and then we just chill and see plays, and shop for the rest of the time. Sounds perfect. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I ♥...

*summer* WAIT STOP LIVE IN THE MOMENT! *but... summer!*

I can't wait for summer. Although I seriously love fall, and high school and life. I can't help but anticipate summer. Mainly because my family has a lot of potential plans! 

First of all. I want to go to Governor's School. I've always wanted to go, and if I get it, then I'll be happiest girl alive. That lasts four weeks. That's 4 weeks of MEETING NEW PEOPLE! And doing awesome stuff. I'm amped. 

Secondly, we already have our flights booked for Seattle!! I've never even been on the west coast so I'm very excited. We're going to drive to Vancouver while we're so close, and I've never been to Canada. So it's a lot of firsts. Plus, for all you twilight lovers, YES we will be looking for Forks. I'm so excited. Did I mention that?

And lastly, (maybe the best thing), my parents want to visit Europe again. I went this past summer, but we only went to London. They want to go to Paris (never been), and to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. I'm SO jazzed. I was born in Germany, and I've been there a lot, but it's still awesome that I can go and practice German and stuff. And I've been to Austria maybe even more cause it was 15 min. from our home and we went like once a month. But we usually went only for saltine crackers and pickles cause you couldn't get them in the CZ. And my  parents want to do the Sound of Music tour. And of course, I'm 
SO excited to go back to the Czech Republic, I haven't been in 5 years! And we plan on visiting our old friends there and are like my grandparents. And I might be able to see my friend Bara, whom I met last year in Saudi Arabia. That would be so cool. 

So basically, I'm so pumped. That probably all sounded confusing but I had  to get it out there. I'm so so so excited. I really hope it happens. The Seattle one is the only one official yet... But we'll see what happens. It's only October. 

The castle is in Lednice, Czech Republic. I used to live in this town and during P.E. we would have to do laps around it. Good times. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Why hello there Santa!

So what if it's not even Halloween. I want to be materialistic right now.
I just bought some Uggs. I got the lightest ones, they're called "Sand", and they're Tall. I love them. So it made me think of what else I want. Because during these online classes, that's like all we do, ONLINE SHOPPING!
Lets see... I want a cardigan, I saw the perfect one at Hollister the other day, and I don't normally shop there (but I like its atmosphere) and it was only 30 bucks! check it out. I love cardigans, they're like the perfect accessory.
I'd also like an iPod, because believe it or not, I don't have one! I'm not sure why... But I don't need anything fancy, just like an 8gb. That'd be perfect.
And of course, cash. You could give me that anytime. But I think I like gift cards better, cause i love having fun little cards in my wallet. 
Oh! That's another thing I need! A cute wallet. I'll show you the one I saw at Urban Outfitters, but it's $36 bucks. Psh. Not worth it. But if Santa feels like getting me that, that's perfectly fine.
Okay, I think I'm finished. There might be more. Ill just edit this post instead of just making a new one. 
So, Santa...  Hope you appreciate the work put into the list! Maybe the pictures made it easier for you. =]

An Introduction

What's this blog?
I'm taking History of Photography, and AP Psychology online, that means A LOT OF FREE TIME IN SCHOOL. So I decided to make a blog, I heard you can get a scholarship for having one. I've always wanted one to really keep up, and I've tried but never had enough time. Now it'll be like I'm forced because there really isn't anything else to do.
I love coffee, I even work at a coffee place. And I'm enthusiastic. People always say the two don't mix, but who says the enthused don't need coffee too?
Hope you, whoever you are, enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment on anything.