Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Compare Contrast.

I've known you forever.
I can predict what you will say.
You're beautiful!
My parents don't approve.
You're a good height.
I don't want to hurt you =/
You're one of my best friends.
You aren't here right now. I miss you.
Repetition is annoying.
I'm very comfortable around you. Always will be.
You're unstable.
I love you.
I've also known you forever, but not very well.
I've thought of you this way for years.
You're talking to me SO much all of a sudden.
Take me to school? Sure!
My parents would probably approve.
You're so mysterious to me, I like it.
You're very good looking.
You're like a magnet. I can't keep away.
I don't even KNOW what you're thinking...
You never repeat yourself.
I don't know you at all.

...I shouldn't even be thinking about this at all.


Lemme talk to you about Christmas and how much I love it.
For some reason I love Oprah on christmas. She is so festive! I love christmas MUSIC. I love friends who really care and remember things when you tell them. I love going to Christmas Eve services I used to hate it, but I know if I miss it for a year I'll be upset. I love the lights. I love the snow (if our dinky town will EVER get some). I love the presents of course. I love the atmosphere the most! I love christmas cards (no matter how fake they are bff). I love how everyone is happy, even the grim people! Seriously, its amazing how something that most people don't even believe in can make everyone so happy. The whole nation's spirits are automatically lifted in December. There aren't too many days until Christmas is here again. I hope it snows or something. I want to learn to snowboard SO badly. And I want to go ice skating. I want to ski. I want to play in the SNOW. I haven't seen snow in 2 years!
I love christmas... Just thought I'd write about that...

Monday, 15 December 2008

A few of my Favorite Things

Calming rain being the only sound on the bus
Its dark and crowded but we're too tired to discuss
The relaxing effect as we wake up from the swings
These are a few of my favorite things helping me get through the block
Freshly written notes given to me while we walk
The end of the day when the bell rings
These are a few of my favorite things

Friends that make weekends full of laughter
Those are the ones that are sought after
Drinking Red Bull it gives me wings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the failures come
And you're no longer King
When I'm not doing my best
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so stressed

Thoughts on the Break

Monday again. It just keeps on coming. Today I feel gross, tired, heavy, sluggish, tired, sore, annoyed, and I have a headache. Typical Monday feelings. The weekend was really fun, and felt long. But it feels like we're coming back to school for the first time in 2 weeks and I'm not happy about it. It also feels like we're finishing the last lap in the mile because in a week we'll be off for break for real. Two blissful weeks of sleeping all the time, no homework (well I'm sure there will be some), maybe going to Ohio to see Leah, reading (maybe i'll re-read all the Harry Potters, I MISS THEM!), no musical, no jobs. Peace and quiet.

But actually, it might be a little lonely. Aakash is in India. BFF is going to Florida. My dad is in Saudi Arabia. Christmas won't be that fun because it's just going to be Me, Mom, and Abby. And things tend to get a little dramatic with 3 girls in the house for so long. I wish I was going somewhere for sure. I really hope I can go to Ohio, but if I do I'll have to go with the rest of my family and they aren't that close to the Barnhouses so it'll be weird for them.

Maybe I'll sleep a LOT. I wish I had Season 3 of Heroes on DVD so that I could just sit in my warm room and watch them. ALL. And then sleep and dream of Peter/Milo/Jess.

I guess I shouldn't focus on the break coming up just yet, I need to get through this week:
AP US Test
AP Lang Grammar and Vocab Quiz, Column Essay, Feature Story
Three Musical Rehearsals
AP Psych Test
Forensics Practice
History of Photography Ending
Algebra 2 SOL

I just remembered this break I have to do Drivers Ed online. I was supposed to be done with a lot of it, but I'm still on Module One. I hate my stupid computer at home. It gives me a headache. I'm also behind in AP Lang Journals, I have like 20 to do... Okay maybe 10. I don't know she never tells us how many we're supposed to have finished.

Thankfully, I have early release today, I plan to finish my Column Essay. Well start it and then finish it =]

Friday, 12 December 2008

My Mind at 10 AM

What's on my mind this morning... Well I already wrote a 3 page note to the BFF and I think that drained it all out. Now I should be reading AMSCO but I'm hopeless about that quiz, I doubt I'll read any of it anyways. Plus I have over an hour to read that, and this post isn't going to take that long.

I realized that there are SO many ways to communicate. I'm so happy having a cellphone. Seriously, I remember life when I didn't have it and it was awful. Now in the car I text to my hearts desire. And I need to talk to someone on the phone I just call them up, nobody is on my phone. And no one is listening in. It feels really good to be in control like that.

This guy. He's just like Edward. He wrote me a lullaby, wears a peacoat every day, says cheesy stuff like him, wanted to buy a silver volvo. Now he read the book and realizes it I think haha. He took me to school today, (it was raining and cloudy just like Forks). and I felt like Bella. Except I'm nothing like her. Oh yeah, and he got a hair cut and does the same style as Edward. Its pretty awesome. I just need to get my emotions straight right now. And that's a dangerous thing to write about on a blog so here is where I stop.

I love musical, I want it to go on forever. We've only had like 5 rehearsals but I've loved everyone of them. I had to leave early yesterday because I had a forensics meet and i was sooo mad. I hate missing rehearsal.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Dealing with Protective Parents

Over protective parents can be hindering and unreasonable. I know because I used to have them. My parents had rules for everything, when I could get my ears pierced, who I could hang out with, what to wear, when to be home, what I could watch anything there that was needed to be decided about they had an answer for; a very protective answer to be specific.
As the years go on, I learn how to deal with them. I think it comes down to three basic things, communication, being mature and responsible, and compromising. Lets take a simple situation and show how these steps helped work it out.
I’ve always wanted to dye my hair. But my parents were convinced that I shouldn’t. It was risky; I was too young… excuses galore! The first thing to do is to sit down with them and tell them what you want. Communication is the only way to get your point across. DON’T just buy the dye go to a friends house and come back with purple hair. Now be ready to hear a flat out ‘no’ but have a come back. This takes a lot of planning. But with the right kind of talking it will work out better in some way.
It helps if you already have their trust. If they say no, they have to know that you will obey them. So keep a clean history, and if you’ve already messed up their trust then don’t both with asking them for something else. So be mature and calm about the situation. Also remember, if your parents are so protective then they must have a reason for it. Even though you can’t possibly imagine why they would be holding you back, they actually do have an answer. The key is to ask! It shows that you’re mature and that you care. Which leads to the third step.
“Mom and Dad, I almost always listen to what you tell me to do. I have good grades, nice friends, I clean my room etc. and I feel like I deserve this”. Most likely, they’ll agree that you do (if what you said was true). This will open their minds to new thoughts about maybe loosening up. Then suggest something a little less drastic than the original idea, showing that you’re open to haggle with the situation. Originally, I wanted to dye my hair dark brown (from blonde!) then I suggested maybe I could just do natural highlights as a first experience.
After you have communicated, been mature, and compromised let them talk amongst themselves. Parents will have different ideas, and will want to communicate themselves. If they don’t talk to you about the situation after a few days, mention it once again. But don’t nag or complain. Eventually, they will let up. If they really do say no again, it’s okay because you can use it as more help to you next time you want something by saying, “Since I’m not allowed to dye my hair even thought I’m responsible and was willing to compromise maybe I can…” fill in the blank.
Over protective parents mean they care about you and truly love you. They just don’t want their little girls and boys growing up. Just remember to communicate your feelings, be reasonable, and be ready to compromise. It’ll all work out with careful planning.

The Consequences of Not Breathing

Mrs. Whitaker!” Stephanie said, “Jessica can make her face turn bright red!” My best friends, Stephanie and Harli Ray, were standing with me in front of the teacher bench. It was a warm breezy day at Randolph Elementary School in Goochland, Virginia. After performing my newly found talent to my best friends, we all decided it would be a fun idea to show the teachers too.
It was the spring of fourth grade. Goochland was my new home I was comfortable and happy there. I had moved to the school in the middle of third grade and immediately felt a connection. My friends and I always went to hang out under a climbing wall of huge black tires during recess. It was nice and cool under the shade of the sun-warmed tires.
“It’ll look just like a tomato!” I said, “Just watch!” I took a deep breath as if I was about to go underwater and held it in tight. I built more and more pressure in my head and watched as the teachers gasped in surprise. Moments later I felt all the stability in my body leave and I fell straight backwards completely blacked out.
The smell of gravel filled my nostrils and alerted me. The first thing I felt when I woke up was my back aching. I realized I had fallen on the wooden log that bordered the playground. I slowly opened my eyes.
“Do you want some water? Are you okay? Drink some water. Can you breathe alright?” The voice said frantically. Through the sliver opening in my eyes I saw a teacher crouched down right in front of me. She was holding a glass of water, with her other hand held out to help me up. I looked around and saw the entire fourth grade looking down at me, surrounding me. Vague whispers of concerned voices filled the air as I realized where I was.
I stood up and regained my balance. I felt a tingling sensation of all the blood being rushed back to the proper place in my body.
“No I think I’m okay,” I told her while she made forced the water into my hand.
“Colby! Go tell Mr. Harriston to come here so he can carry her to the nurse!” the Teacher said. He attention directed back to me as she switched her tone to sweet again, “Honey are you sure you’re alright?”
I didn’t want anyone to pick me up; I felt dizzy enough. I mumbled the rejections of her command but it was too late. Here came the 400-pound Physical Education teacher already sweating from his trot over to us. I felt my body being lifted.
Looking back, I don’t remember anything else after that moment. I think I recovered and went on with my day. I do remember coming home, and Ms. Whitaker calling my mom because I had forgotten to tell her the day’s events. She thought it was funny that I didn’t even mention what had happened; I guess it didn’t seem so important.
That was the first time I’d ever fainted, and I haven’t passed out since. It was really stupid of me to not realize what I was doing would have that outcome. I was so proud that I could turn my face red and no one else could that I didn’t think about the dangers…
It was the first day that the idea of my actions having consequences dawned on me. In away it was a big step in growing up. Everyone has his or her epiphanies, and I like how my first one turned out.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Well. The first semester is coming to an end. Its a mixed blessing. I love school but at the same time I don't. Probably like most people. Some of my classes are ending, and others just KEEP ON GOING.
Algebra 2, that's ending. Praise Allah. But I'm just going to go right into Pre-Calc Honors next semester.
My History of Photography online class is ending. And my teachers hasn't graded the past 3 weeks of assignments so I don't know what my grade is at all. Which is nerve wracking because its the final grade. In place of that will be Chemistry Honors. Ew? I hate science so much.
Then I just keep having AP US, AP Lang, AP Psych, and Early Release. But I don't drive so whoop there.
But I have musical which is really really awesome. Its what gives me a reason to go to school.
Last night I went to our girls basketball game, our Blue Streaks are BALLIN. literally. That was fun, but I got home at like 9:30 and remembered that I needed to take notes on all of Chapter 11 in Bailey. I did like... 6 pages and then Evan called me and we talked for an hour. He made me feel better. My problems compared to his. wow. Not really comparable.
But I need to finish my column number 4 for Lang. =/ So I'm going to have to stop procrastinating on this exciting blog. haha.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Some people make life easier to live in.
Those are the kind of people I want to be more like.
The acquaintances who go home during early release to make cookies and bring them back for you.
The best friends that stay OUT of drama and get into things only if they're forced.
The teachers that really care if you're learning the material in their class or not.
The coaches who work hard with you because you don't know what you're doing.
The random people who encourage you to join the team or club.

I really appreciate those kinds of people.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Mikoláš Den

December 6th is Saint Nickoles Day in the Czech Republic. And because my dad isn't going to be here for Christmas we celebrated it then. So we ate the big meal, opened presents, took pictures, did all those Christmas things. It was nice, but it felt weird because no one else was celebrating it.

I got a Capo for my guitar FINALLY! I can now play Love Story by Taylor Swift the right way. =] And I don't remember anything else I got at this moment. haha must've not been so important. The whole point of christmas has never been the gifts for me anyway. Its just been the atmosphere. That's by far my favorite part.

At church on Sunday this guy walked in and walked right up to the front in the middle of the sermon and knocked one of the advent candles over and put it out. Then he kept on walking and out the door. Our pastor flipped but tried to keep his cool. He continued with the sermon and everyone else was SO distracted. Turns out he's some guy who actually GOES to our church. He's bipolar and doesn't feel like he should take his meds. So... I don't really see that as an excuse. It was just really interesting.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. I also went to the christmas parade, and went to Daves Taverna.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Clothes, Trees, and Rehearsal.

I realized I don't put any effort into what I wear to school anymore. Its usually jeans, sweatshirt, shoes. haha. And my hair is either in a ponytail, or down. Nothing exciting. I'd like to put more time into it, and I have enough time too. I just don't have enough ideas ever. And I go shopping and don't find any exciting clothes because our mall is SOOO boring. But I really should try more, it's high school! Dressing up for it is really fun. People aren't going to care what we look like as adults, so I should take advantage of the moment now. I might even wear a dress on Monday... Or curl my hair! Or... wear eyeliner! haha.
With christmas coming maybe i'll get sweet clothes or money to buy sweet clothes. Cause I'm tired of my wardrobe now.

Hey it's Friday! I love fridays! I'm going to go to the christmas parade, Daves Taverna, and then see the new James Bond movie? That'd be fun. Maybe someone can spend the night at my house.

Yesterday we put up our tree, well first we bought our tree, then we put it up (well I wasn't there for that I had musical rehearsal) and then put lights, and ornaments! It looks really classy, and smells SO good. But it was really stressful decorating with my family, as usual, because my dad had Jet Lag (he flew in the night before), and he was REALLY cold he whined the whole time and refused to help. My mom didn't like that I wanted to put ALL the ornaments up there. and Abby was moody as usual. I'm so glad I'm not 13 anymore haha. But whatever, it's pretty much a tradition for our family to argue over stuff like that all the time. It's just how we roll my dad is very dominate, my mom get moody, and abby always wants to tell pointless annoying stories (even though I love her =]).

Musical rehearsal (the first one!) was really fun. I was so scared because the people I worked with all old hands at it. We learned the songs and sang them for the first time. I'm still working on all the parts and trying to memorize the lyrics. But I'm only in 2 songs (maybe 3) so it won't be too bad. Hello Dolly is actually a cute musical, i was a little upset at first when I heard that they were doing it, but I think it'll look good. I can't wait.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

"She NEEDS to sort our her priorities" -Ronald Weasley

I really hate that you lie all the time. It's like you're trying to impress me but I hate that side of you. And that's a hard thing for me to say because I don't hate things. But I seriously, cannot handle when you tell me that you're going to buy those $600 boots. No you're not! Stop saying you will. And you're not going to go to that college campus EVERYWEEKEND from the moment you get your license. So STOP exaggerating. You shouldn't be going there anyway. I don't even think you want to, you're a good person. You want to sit at hope and study for your classes and get good grades and be a good kid. But you put on this show of pretending to be someone you're not. I don't know why, I don't understand. You've tried to stop, you've said you will but I haven't seen any change yet... So get on that. Before I get even more annoyed that your priorities are all mixed up. I don't care if I sound like Hermione Granger right now, she's awesome.

My pet peeve is people who can't freaking figure out what they want. It's like the easiest thing to do. I try to understand why you don't know, but its so simple. "I want some french fries from Burger King. Oh but I need to loose weight" Okay, so don't eat the fries. Done. Wow. That was SOOOO difficult wasn't it?

But not knowing what you want is just a side note of my frustration. Its the way you're 2 or 3 completely different people. You adapt to talk to others. You aren't anyone if you think about it. How am I supposed to trust you and know you if you don't yourself? You're unstable and it drives me crazy. You're insecure and I want to help. But because you're insecure you won't open up and admit it. Therefore there's no way to help. Way to go.

You're not the only one in my life like this. I'm probably speaking to like 5 people here...

And I don't hate you, I hate that part of you. I've seen the real you before, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that part. You know I do too. But you're just too overwhelmed by what people think of you to just let your real self show. It's a shame that people have that much influence over you. You must walk around with the heaviest burden to be what you think people want you to be. But you need to be what YOU want you to be.

I'm here if you need help. But don't expect me to tell you how to cut your hair, or what your should wear. I'll just help you figure out what you want. Hopefully...

How to Procrastinate

I know how difficult it is for some people to get things done. But in this how to column, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to procrastinate.

First we should look into why we would want to learn this trait. If you’re in high school and don’t know how then something is wrong. You’re one of those kids who turn that feature story in the morning it’s due, having already had it revised by your old English teacher, parents, and editor of the school newspaper.

Caution: If the above describes you, then you are over achieving and need to be more of a teenager.

The best way to begin the procrastination process is to get ride of the innate desire of being good. Forget that happy tingling feeling you get from turning your overdone assignment. In fact, forget the fresh stack of assignments folded in your binder waiting to be completed. Once you’ve mastered the fact that you aren’t willing to ever do the task you’re ready for the next step.

Find things to distract you. Often people dwindle away their time watching television. Great shows to get hooked on might be Heroes, The Office, or something completely pointless, Desperate Housewives. Beginning this habit can take time, be sure to set aside at least 2 hours a day for the new behavior.

Now you’re time is beginning to be filled up. That’s good: it means you’re another step closer to meeting the goal of procrastination. Here comes the fun part. Open the doors to everything you’ve ever wanted to do, but never felt you had time for. What used to happen on school nights was that you never went out to eat, because you were stuck at home doing homework. That life is in the past! Give in to the temptation it’s okay.

If you followed this plan correctly then you most likely have a different mindset. No longer will you ever have to face the pain of turning things in on time, or starting that project early to save room for even more homework.

Let me leave you with words of encouragement. This is a difficult habit to get in to, don’t give up. Keep following the steps and you will be a skilled procrastinator.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Czech Republic Blues...

I'm pretty sure I already have a post like this. But I have more reminiscing to do.

What got me started was reading in the Newsstreak (our school newspaper) about how a guy in my grade went to France for a summer. He stayed with a host family, spoke french and was confused for a French person. It made me miss the Czech Republic SO badly.

That's a map. Obviously haha. But you can see Mikoluv, I lived there for a month. And then Lednice, I lived there for 9 months. I went to a school in both of those towns. They're 15 km apart. I miss it soooo much. I lived on Kimenskeho (name of my street) it was at the end of the row, and we could walk to railroad tracks. There were beautiful sidewalks everywhere. I loved that house it was SO big. We had a creepy basement that we found all these fur coats in, and we took so many crazy pictures. Our backyard was filled with apricot trees. And they would all fall down and we had to rack them up for our neighbors who wanted them to make wine out of.

There was the most beautiful bike path to brecslav. I would get SO tired because my mom and sister would bike so much faster than me and I couldn't keep up.

I miss the heat of that summer. It was SO warm. Probably because that was the summer of the heat wave. haha.

I remember walking to my friends house, drinking orange juice, and listening to Avril Lavigne and Brittney Spears. That was a really fun day. I felt so free walking around all by myself. It was SO safe there. Mainly because it was such a small town. We walked everywhere, school, post office, grocery store. There was no need to go anywhere else.

Except we did go to church in Brno. It was 30 min. away and they had an awesome mall there. And here in Harrisonburg, outside our target there are these big red balls, just as decoration i guess, but it reminds me of Brno so much. That Brno mall was when I first saw Harry Potter 2, Lord of the Rings 2, and Pirates of the Carribean. I'm pretty sure it was all in czech. But I can't remember. I also ate McDonalds fries there, with sweet ketchup on a very tall stool. I don't know WHY I have that memory but I do. haha. They had a pretty elevator there and one time my class went on a field trip to that mall and we went up and down that elevator SO many times.

This is a picture from Mikoluv. A view from some place that takes forever to get up to. But i remember it distinctly. I remember wanting to jump from roof to roof really badly.

Anyway, I miss the Czech Republic.

Our School Is On Lock Down

I'm starving. We just had to stand in the corner away from the windows to hide from bad guys. If they're really here. We're not sure because it could be a drill. But Ms. Reynolds sounded pretty legit when she was over the intercom. She was like stuttering and sounded scared. So now we have to stay in the classroom and I'm HUNGRY.

I think it's a drug search.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I need to try harder

My second 6 weeks grades were a little shocking. Mainly because none of my teachers handed back a single assignment, the entire six weeks. I had no idea what my grades were! I ended up with a C in Algebra. That's depressing. And a 92% in AP Lang. SOOOOO close to an A. I feel like no matter how hard I work in that class I'll never be able to get an A. I'm not sure why either, I think I'll have to have a talk with my teacher. Maybe my grammar is terrible, or maybe I'm not funny enough in my writing. I don't have strong adjectives or good verbs. Every essay I get back is graded either a 6 or a 7. I want an 8. That's not even asking too much, it's not perfect. It's just an A.

So, this six weeks I need to try even harder if that's even possible.

The Real World vs. High School

The real world is so much easier than high school. Think about it. In the real world there are directions all over the place in posts offices, airports, etc. In high school there aren’t any signs, just room numbers so you have to run all the way down the hallway to see if number 375 is there, and if its’ not turn and go down another hallway. The people that’s another thing. In the real world everyone minds their own business or they give a friendly wave and move on. In high school you meet someone one day, and find out later they’ve known about you for a long time and are the ones who spread the rumor last year about your boyfriend and spring break. That rumor lasted your entire sophomore year! In the real world if you need to talk to someone you don’t spend valuable thumb energy texting them, or facebooking them (not to mention all the misreading tones, “oh you were happy? I thought you were yelling at me!”). You pick up the phone and call them or you meet up somewhere and talk to them face to face! Plus you aren’t graded on everything you do, you aren’t constantly being judged, and you can change your mind anytime you want without people flipping out that you’re changing. Basically, I can’t wait to graduate and be done with all the secrets and crazy teenage hormones. Good thing I have the rest of my life to live in the real world.

Monday, 1 December 2008


Thanksgiving was pretty fun. I reconnected with relatives and now I'm facebook friends with them. I don't know where I'd be without facebook. Goodness...

I just came back from lunch and I didn't have forensics practice! YAY! But I have it on wednesday... BOO. But I have musical rehearsal then. So everything kind of evens out. Plus I just had ice cream, so i'm happy.

I'm drawing a blank of what to say right now. I had all these thoughts and important things to say, but I guess I wrote it already in a note to my BFF. And I haven't seen her and I want to talk to her, and give her my flashdrive so she can give me music.

This post was pointless.