Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It's quite Common... You can google it...

WHOA. this is a house, ON MD22!! The compound I hung out at EVERY Weekend. We used to hang out on the roofs of these houses. And run around the rows. One time we heard whistleing and got SO freaked out we booked it. I was so scared. We would eat grilled cheese in the dining hall. it was only like... 7 riyals. haha. And we would drink SO much ice tea with extra sugar water until we were bouncing all over the place. We'd go swimming at night, and play ping pong. There was always NOTHING to do, but at the same time so much. We would go cruising haha, we felt rebelous because girls aren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.
Anyways, I'm done. I just can't believe that picture was on google.


I'm always needing heat. Everywhere I go, no matter what I'm wearing I'm always COLD.
I miss Saudi today, I think I'll go on a rant about it. I'm in an online class, and we're listening to "Sweet Home Alabama" and that song used to be so annoying. But actually it reminds me of my friends in saudi. Leah, Nikki, Christina, Victoria. In May of last year, (for Leah's 17th birthday) we went a Villa at a beach. We're were the ONLY ones there. And we had the entire Villa to ourselves. We had an open tab at the food place there. And it was WARM all the time. We slept with the windows open, and woke up to amazing sunshine. We tanned, and there was always music playing. The parents were all doing sheesha and I LOVE that smell, it was so relaxing. The nights were amazing too, it was dark with a warm breeze. And we ran around the deck. And did crazy stuff. And I had 5 red bulls that night haha. We had three pools all to ourselves. UGH I MISS IT!
Recently on the bus home, my friend gave me a red bull, and it was the first one I had tasted since then, and it was a HUGE wave of emotion just from TASTING it. I miss it so much!
Everyone is so relaxed there. I miss it. I think I've said that enough.
Well. Hopefully Leah will visit over Winter Break. And Victoria is going to college in Virginia so she'll be around more. But I miss the whole country of Saudi Arabia.
Back to reality...


I'm thankful for so many things. I'll make a list =]
I'm thankful for...
having an interesting book to read as an assignment in Ap Lang
AP Points
El Charro
My bff4ev
Christmas coming soon
Callbacks being OVER for the musical
People who write me lullabys and don't realize how much they're like Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen and Twilight in general
Space Heaters
Flash drives
Pain Reliever
Nail Polish
Long Weekends!!
Good Memories. (I miss Saudi Today)


Friday, 21 November 2008

Forensics... Uhhhh

Now that I've gotten all my Friday excitement out I can talk about last night.
There was our second Forensics meet, held at TA. It went okay.
My friend was there who didn't go last time and she and I made a pact that we would do it all through high school even though we hate it. And when she wasn't at the first meet it was so lonely.
Last competition I got 5th place, but this time I got 2nd! And I went against a lot of the same people, which means I improved a bunch. And i got a cheap medal. Which is an upgrade from cheap ribbon. =]
I'm aiming for 1st next time though, i think if I actually PRACTICED, and put effort into it, then I would do better. Maybe I'll start.
I'm doing The Wolfs Story; What Really Happened To Little Red Riding Hood. It's cute, but not that fun, and I'm not really into it. I guess cause I'm not usually affiliated with Wolfs. OR is it Wolves?

We were out until 10 at night, so it was hard waking up this morning. But then I got my Twilight shirt that we made so everything was peachy again.

OH yeah! And yesterday I found out I have a callback for the musical! I have one for the singing and acting day, and I have one for the dancing day. I'm excited for both.


It's friday, and I can't concentrate. The following amazing things are about to happen:
Lunch, in 20 min.
Early Release
Going home with Emily
Going to see Twilight
Watching THMS's fall play
80's Dance
Staying the night at Emily's.

Isn't today PERFECT?
If only I didn't have so much online work to do.

Now, I shall annotate the schedule.

Lunch, in 20 min. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY! I've eaten a granola bar and coffee today. and that's it, so i'm ready!!

Going home with Emily I haven't been there in awhile and hopefully I'll remember to bring my jacket back.
Going to see Twilight WOW. I have no words for that. I'm so excited, my friend told me it was good (despite the bad reviews) she said it's a good movie, but it just isn't much like the book. But if its a good movie, i'm okay. I'm prepared. I"M SO JAAZZZZEDDD. and I loved the shirts that we made. HORRAY.
Watching THMS's fall play Aww cuttie michael. I'm so excited. I love mr. strawderman.
80's Dance YES! even though NO ONE is going, it's still going to be fun. i love dancing. and hanging out and teasing my hair. ahahah i'm wearing skinnies, chucks, and a popped collar polo. WOO hoo. it's going to be great.
Staying the night at Emily's. Always fun. Heroes? maybe? yes.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

We've Got Elegance.

Okay, now we're going to talk about how fun the musical will be if I get a decent role. (the conditions on whether I can do it or not according to the mother)

First of all. I've never been in a musical. But i love to sing, act, and dance, so I'm born for it right?

I want to be Minnie Fay. She doesn't sing a song all by herself, but she's still a leadish role. It's perfect. But really really talented people are trying out at the callbacks with me and they're all SOOOO GOOD. So I don't think I'll get it. But it's all worth the shot in the end.

I wish my BFF were doing it though. But then again, she would be stressed out, and I need her happy. So that's life I guess.

April, why are you so far away?

It's been forever since i've posted. I don't know why, I feel like if I write something it doesn't really matter. It'll all be over soon anyways. Like all my assignments due and stuff. I have SO much in History of Photography, and Psych. I'm behind. =/ And in Algebra. Cause Mr. Turner is unorganized. And in Penton's and in Tuetings, i don't know my grades. Cause they never ever tell us, until the end of the 6 weeks is over. and then you're like oh snap. I have a B. I need an A, but it's too late. That's why i freak out over like every assignment, because you never know if your grade needs a big boost.

I went to Young Life. It was kinda weird, and not very fun. But it was fun hanging out with so many random people and meeting new ones. If i could drive myself there it would be worth it, but I don't want to make my mom drive me somewhere that isn't so important to me.

Speaking of things my mom has to drive me to. I got a callback! For the musical, Hello Dolly. I'm so excited. But that means she's going to have to pick me up after school Monday, and Tuesday. And she doesn't get home from work until 5:45. So I don't know how that's going to work at all. I hate that these things have to revolve around getting there. I can do anything, i just DON"T because i have no way of getting places.

That's why, in April, i'll be the happiest girl in the world. Especially because I'm good at stick shift driving now.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Desert Metropolis

She still couldn’t get used to the wave of heat that overwhelmed her when she stepped outside. The transition from the cold air condition to the 120 F August air was one of the things she had to adjust to for the next three years of her life. It had only been a week sense the move to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and she was already homesick.
After a few nights of getting over jetlag, the family decided it was time for a trip to Al-Rashid Mall. The three-story shopping center was filled with bustling international families all enjoying the last few days of summer. As she was browsing the shops she noticed several things.
Everyone was staring at her. She looked down at herself to see why, and noticed the difference immediately. She wasn’t wearing an Abiya, the long black robe that covered all the other women up. Men were giving her looks she’d never gotten before, and women were shaking their heads as if she should be ashamed of herself. She noticed that most of the women wore a hijab too, and realized her own blonde hair was standing out far too much. All she could do was tie it back, in hopes that people would stop starring.
A few men in long white thobes waved and smiled at her. She innocently smiled back, but soon realized that it was the wrong thing to do. The custom there was to never look men in the eye, or acknowledge them at all. Her father quickly told her this information. As she walked away, she felt their eyes burning on the back of her head. Feeling uncomfortable was an understatement for the 15 year-old girl. She wanted to leave the spotlight in the new foreign country as soon as possible.
Her new phone started ringing, she answered it and heard an unfamiliar voice on the other end. “Hello! I love you!” said the strange accent. She quickly hung up. How did they get my number? She wondered. A few moments later it began to ring again, and the same thing happened. She kept walking and tried to ignore the vibrations from her pocket. After it stopped she saved the number as “Don’t Answer!” for future reference.
She and her family continued walking to the different stories. Little kids were running around screaming, some of the little girls wearing frilly princess outfits, with the parents lagging behind talking in fast Arabic. Some young boys on roller skates nearly crashed into her as she was walking out of Zara, a big department clothing store. She felt weary of being on the look out, and wanted to sit down at the food court. Her family agreed and they glided up the escalator to the top level where it was located.
They decided to eat Subway, she got in line and people kept starring. She realized she was in the men only line, and quickly switched over to the women one. She waited, and ordered her sub for 12 Riyals. When the family had all their food they looked for a place to sit. She soon realized only men were sitting at the tables, the red and white-checkered gutras everywhere. She asked an Indian man at the counter where women sat, and he pointed to the “Family Section”. It was a walled in section, so no one could see the people there. She finally sat down with the rest of her family for some peace and quiet.
Workers in grey jumpsuits went around sweeping lazily, and weren’t ashamed to stare at the girl either. She couldn’t take it anymore, and the family decided to leave. They came out of the family section and the same men who smiled and waved before were there, they began to follow the girl, all the way through the mall. As they exited the building into the humid night, they men were still following.
Her father flagged down a taxi, and they began arguing about the price to take the family home. The driver managed, in his broken English to say 25 Riyals. The girls’ father wanted 20. Finally, they agreed and they began to drive home.
She just wanted to get to her house, despite how unfamiliar it felt, it was better than the exotic-smelling backseat of the taxi. Her phone began to vibrate again: Don’t Answer. A wave of weariness crept through her whole body. She didn’t remember walking from the taxi to her house, or getting into bed.
All she remembered was waking up. It was all a dream, and there was nothing to worry about, she thought as she opened her eyes, smiling. Let the first 5 minutes of her morning feel safe and happy, before she realizes it wasn’t a dream, and that she actually just spent her first week in the desert metropolis.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Life with a Soundtrack

Could someone tell me what's going on?
My heart is beating faster than ever.
My head might break into a fever.
My stomach is going crazy.
Is everything moving or am I just dizzy?

The best part of all is I'm happy.
Everything is beautiful and sappy.
If only I could concentrate.
Because I can't turn this work in late.

It's like life all of a sudden has a soundtrack.
I'm everywhere but still on track.
This probably doesn't make sense.
I can't even write a normal sentence...

Monday, 3 November 2008

Election Tomorrow!

NO SCHOOL! YAY. Except that's not even the best part. I'm so excited for the results of the election to FINALLY be here. This obsession has controlled us for the past 2 years. There is so much hope for America now. For the first time since 2nd grade my parents will be happy with our president. (That is if Obama wins). 

And the picture to the left is the butterfly wings. They were fantastic. I love Glens Fair Price. That's where I got them. I <3>

Btw. I hope you're voting!