Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I have overall been failing. Often.

I don't post like ever. My AP psych class phew. I haven't done anything this SEMESTER it feels like.

Because of musical i haven't been coming into 1st block the past 2 days (well the first time was a dentist app.) and so I'm SO behind in Chemistry. I'm making up/finishing my Precalc test during my early release today. Which I haven't studied for... I need to get on that...

The only good thing going on right now is musical. Its FANTASTIC. I'm loving every second of it, I'm so comfortable with it. My character is great. My monologue yesterday went the best it ever has. I sang well. I remembered all the dance moves. YAY. We open Thurs. Night... OMG that's tomorrow.

We go to lunch in 5 min. I'm excited. Even though I ate... like 3 hours ago. I'm ready again haha.

I got new glasses and I don't like them very much. Because I feel like they're making my headache worse. I can see better without them. But they're only for reading and when I'm on the computer.

I'm slightly delerious/tired right now. And I even slept in extra today. I think I got like 8 hours of sleep!! GO MEE.

I can't get these Hello Dolly songs out of my head. I don't mind though, its good memories. I can't wait for next year's musical and this one isn't even over yet. =]


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

10 days later...

Its been a whole... 10 days since my last post!

Nothing new is going on. Musical, APs, musical, homework, friends, tired, facebook, working out... your typical junior year things. If you think about it my life is kinda boring right now. No bizarre moves to Saudi Arabia this year... hmm... Oh well I'm sure something will pop up thats insane.

My best friends birthday is tomorrow!! I'm excited for her.

For homework, I need to write my personal narrative, redue my Research Paper, study the elements for my chem quiz, do some precalc homework, read Amsco 13, do my psych vocab, take notes on lessons one and two, take the quiz, and scrounge up a sleep log. Oh yeah, and I have musical from 5:30-10... something tonight.


I love melissa cause she's taking me home!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009


This is my short little conversation I had with Evanna Lynch (She plays Luna Lovegood in all the Potter Films). I like her much more than Matthew.

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 4:06pm
Harry Potter was SOOOOOO incredible. I really really really loved it. I have like a million things to say right now. So many questions. You were the PEREFECT Luna. Better than I expected, and I expect alot. Are you satisfied with your acting? Is there anything you would've changed?

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:14pm
at the moment, i believe that i've done the best i could to not only portray luna but literally be her. although other people may not agree with how i've done. i believe i've done luna to best she could've been done, the way i envisioned luna :]
and thank you :] it's means a lot to hear that people like how i portrayed luna, because i really helped to make luna the best i could, especially with her clothes and hair ;)

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 8:19pm
yeah, the converse that were seen hanging from the ceiling, did you pick those out? they were really awesome, i'm thinking of getting them. but i already have a lot of converse... i hope i'm not an annoying fan, i know you're more open to fans because well you were one just a year or so ago. i remember when the audtions were posted on mugglenet. i was so angry because auditioners HAD to be british. or something like that. no americans at least.

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:24pm
yeah, i picked those out, i have something just like it at home :)
i think that the auditions should be branched out to EVERYBODY
and not limited to europe :P
and yeah that's true. i was and still am such a fanatic, i know what everybody else is feeling and how they feel. so i am more sympathetic and open towards fans than the others are :)

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 8:27pm
wow that's so cool you got to pick them out.
i believe the lavender brown auditions are open for everyone, but my parents aren't willing to fly me to london, to audtion out of like 20,000 girls.
was it wierd becoming a star so quickly?

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:58pm
it feels like a dream, really.
a dream that i haven't woke out of yet.
the lavender brown auditions were only for people in u.k/ireland :T
or that's what my friend becca told me.

Oh Matthew

I had a conversation with Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in all the Potter Films) and thought I'd post it on here. It all started because I wrote on my friends facebook wall saying something about Rupert Grint. And Mathew wrote on my wall saying he didn't appreciate us pretending to know him. So then I messaged him and this is what happened =]

Between Matthew Lewis and You

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 9 at 12:26pm
I wasn't pretending to know you. Just because i'm a fan and I requested you and was happy you accepted me doesn't mean i know you. i think it's pretty harsh of you to write that on my wall.

Matthew Lewis:
July 9 at 12:30pm
honestly, i've had a lot of people do that to us. using my words and whatnot. we're all extremely wary of it now.
but sorry that i've offended you by my comment. i really don't want to delete this account too.

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 9 at 12:33pm
there is NO need to delete the account. look you can just remove me as your friend if you want. we were just... happy i guess. we weren't pretending about knowing you or rupert or w/e you were reffering too. well i guess we were but it was just between the two of us. people all over the world do that we just wish we did i guess. i'm guess we're star struck

Matthew Lewis:
July 9 at 12:35pm
i appreciate the honesty. and i'm not going to remove you from my friends list. it was just a huge misunderstanding and mostly on my part.

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 9 at 12:36pm
i'm glad to know your not a bigheaded movie star that doesn't understand things :) yay.

Matthew Lewis:
July 9 at 12:39pm
haha, just saying, not all of us are like that
you just got to give us more credit than that :]

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 9 at 1:03pm
:) i'm glad. so i've already bought tickets online :) i'm really really excited. i heard there's no quidditch though. but i guess you can't fit everthing...

Matthew Lewis:
July 9 at 1:11pm
not anymore. there's just way too much going on in the plot to fit in some quidditch :P

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 9 at 2:26pm
yeah i guess so. even though it was kind of important in this book, cause ron is supposed to get on the team and fred,greorge, and harry get kicked off and stuff. oh well. it'll still be AMAZING!
so do you think you'll do any other movies during the rest of Hp?

Matthew Lewis:
July 9 at 3:10pm
as of now, i've had offers but nothing really grabbed my attention. and i've definately caught the theater bug. so i'm hoping to do something in that area. although nothing as extreme as dan in equus

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 10 at 12:09pm
It's going to be so interesting to see the cast of Harry Potter split up and go into different movies and theater and what not. Have you done theater before?

Matthew Lewis:
July 10 at 3:40pm
i've done school productions. but nothing as major as equus, or some really big production. but i'm hoping to get there and be able to be in a big production. yeah, but that's the thing. most of us are trying to grow out of that stereotype as a 'potter kid'.

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 10 at 8:47pm
of course but I doubt you guys will be stuck playing roles at kids who go to boarding school forever, the casting directors will get over it that you guys are done w/ Harry Potter and you can branch out in different acting styles.
do you want to do theater in america? like a broadway kind of thing?

Matthew Lewis:
July 10 at 8:51pm
oh i'd like to. but i'm a horrible singer. haha, i couldn't sinog to save a life :]
but it's going to be so hard to play a different role when the world knows you as one set character. and it'll be very hard for most of us to leave our characters, as we've grown very attached to them :P

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 10 at 9:12pm
broadway isn't all musical of course, for example Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be in a broadway play and he can't sing. and he won't have to. it would be really awesome to see some "potter kids" in something like that.
i guess all actors struggle with that, people placing them in a type role and only that type. and then being in love with the character and letting go of it. acting is complicated business lol. not that i'm a movie star, but i have been in a few school productions so i know what it's like to leave on character and go into another :)

Matthew Lewis:
July 10 at 9:28pm
ah, yes it's sad.
especially when it all ends i'd have been playing neville for more than 7 years :T
ahh, now i see. but i'd love to be in a musical though :]
maybe i should get voice lessons haha

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 10 at 9:34pm
i've always wondered if voice lessons really help or not. i guess they help learn to project and stuff but it'd be cool to do that.
i see the movie in less that 10 hours!!!!

Matthew Lewis:
July 10 at 9:36pm
ahh, have fun.
try not to laugh at neville and his silly combover
you'd be surprised how different we look.
if we stood next to each other, not many would
see the similarities haha :]

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 4:01pm
WOW. it was the BEST harry potter film yet, and I'm not just saying that. you did a really wonderful job too, it was supurb. I'm going to see it again soon :)
I really loved everything, nothing TOO important was left out and it covered a lot really quickly.
What was your favorite scene to film? I loved the battle in the Department of Mysteries!

Matthew Lewis:
July 11 at 8:19pm
thanks, and the battle was the most fun part to film. it just had a lot of action and running around in it.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Well today, is our wonderful first snow day. And it came right on time I might add.

Last night and all the days leading up to it I've become increasingly stressed out with expectations that I have to meet. Getting good grades, deciding what I want to do, going to pointless youth retreats (pressure from the youth leader, pastor, and other people ugh), musical (we did the first run through of Act One, IT WAS ROUGH), being pretty, being a good daughter, and friend. I don't usually write about insecurities publicly, actually I hardly ever write/talk about them. And this post isn't about that. But it just all came crashing last night, and I turned it into determinisim. (If that's a word).

So heres my little vow to myself to meet those expectations that people or myself have put on me.

And it starts today on this lovely snow day. I woke up before the school council people had decided to cancel so I took a shower and by the time I was out they had declared cancelation. But I can't just go back to sleep so I had 2 cups of coffee, and watched One Tree Hill. Its also a Jason Mraz day. I don't know if I've ever been up so early on a day I don't have school. Its not even 8 o'clock!

Well, I'm going to go work on AP Psych or something. Horray for snow days!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Emma Watson is STILL my Favorite Actress

I love Harry Potter so much. And I just needed to take a stroll down memory lane. I started liking it in 4th grade, when my older sister read the first chapter to me, I was hooked took the book from her and read the rest. I remember as I was finishing the first book the first movie was coming out in theaters. My parents said I couldn't see the movie until I finished the book so I read my little 9 year old eyes out into the night in order to finish in time. I went an saw the first movie later on with my dad. He fell asleep around the time they got on the Hogwarts Express. Then I kept reading the books, of course I finished all the ones that were out by the time the second movie was released. When Chamber of Secrets came out in theaters I was living in the Czech Republic. Because it was wildly popular, they dubbed it in Czech. So I didn't get to see it for the first time in English. But that doesn't matter much. I remember the 5th book coming out (I was in CZ) and my grandmother mailed it to us, and I switched of reading it with my older sister. I read the first chapter and then she read it. We stayed up all night doing this, but it was SO worth it. I had all the posters, computer games, mini poster books, action figures, pillow cases, book ends, stickers, postcards, etc. (Really etc... my list could go on for a long time). I knew everything about the books. I knew everything about the movies. I followed Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe like it was my job. I was 10 but it didn't matter, I knew how to use Google. I spent hours making collages, and I even made this cut out of me and cut out Emma Watson with me. And then made us have matching ladybug necklaces and earrings. (Oh the joys of being home schooled, stuck in a foreign country, and paintbrush). I still REALLY love harry potter. I go to mugglenet EVERY day. And of course I joined as soon as it was created. I was just now on it, and it made me miss all those hours I spent learning about the actors lives and dreaming of being in Harry Potter myself.
Emma Watson is 18 now! (April 15th, I remember because every time it was that day I would announce it, and everyone would reply it was tax day too). I miss Harry Potter it's really sad that the books are over. But at least we have 3 more movies to go, and a theme park. And Emma Watson will never fail me, she'll keep doing films (Ballet Shoes, Tale of Despereux). So hopefully I won't be too alone once they're all done. Just thought I'd go back in time a little and write down how much I appreciate Harry Potter. (I'm also taking a break from homework =])

Friday, 16 January 2009

5 degrees really?

Its getting eveeen colder. The semester ends today. HORRAY! I have a lot of tests and exams and stuff. So I don't have much time to pause and post this post or however you say it.

After school I have musical. and I could REALLY use a big cup of coffee. I had some this morning, but I need more.

APUS test today? I hope not.

I hate that so many of my posts are just about homework. haha That is so lame. I'll work on that more later. Sorry avid readers.