Sunday, 1 February 2009


This is my short little conversation I had with Evanna Lynch (She plays Luna Lovegood in all the Potter Films). I like her much more than Matthew.

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 4:06pm
Harry Potter was SOOOOOO incredible. I really really really loved it. I have like a million things to say right now. So many questions. You were the PEREFECT Luna. Better than I expected, and I expect alot. Are you satisfied with your acting? Is there anything you would've changed?

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:14pm
at the moment, i believe that i've done the best i could to not only portray luna but literally be her. although other people may not agree with how i've done. i believe i've done luna to best she could've been done, the way i envisioned luna :]
and thank you :] it's means a lot to hear that people like how i portrayed luna, because i really helped to make luna the best i could, especially with her clothes and hair ;)

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 8:19pm
yeah, the converse that were seen hanging from the ceiling, did you pick those out? they were really awesome, i'm thinking of getting them. but i already have a lot of converse... i hope i'm not an annoying fan, i know you're more open to fans because well you were one just a year or so ago. i remember when the audtions were posted on mugglenet. i was so angry because auditioners HAD to be british. or something like that. no americans at least.

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:24pm
yeah, i picked those out, i have something just like it at home :)
i think that the auditions should be branched out to EVERYBODY
and not limited to europe :P
and yeah that's true. i was and still am such a fanatic, i know what everybody else is feeling and how they feel. so i am more sympathetic and open towards fans than the others are :)

Jessica Katherine Rutledge:
July 11 at 8:27pm
wow that's so cool you got to pick them out.
i believe the lavender brown auditions are open for everyone, but my parents aren't willing to fly me to london, to audtion out of like 20,000 girls.
was it wierd becoming a star so quickly?

Evanna Lynch:
July 11 at 8:58pm
it feels like a dream, really.
a dream that i haven't woke out of yet.
the lavender brown auditions were only for people in u.k/ireland :T
or that's what my friend becca told me.

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