Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I have overall been failing. Often.

I don't post like ever. My AP psych class phew. I haven't done anything this SEMESTER it feels like.

Because of musical i haven't been coming into 1st block the past 2 days (well the first time was a dentist app.) and so I'm SO behind in Chemistry. I'm making up/finishing my Precalc test during my early release today. Which I haven't studied for... I need to get on that...

The only good thing going on right now is musical. Its FANTASTIC. I'm loving every second of it, I'm so comfortable with it. My character is great. My monologue yesterday went the best it ever has. I sang well. I remembered all the dance moves. YAY. We open Thurs. Night... OMG that's tomorrow.

We go to lunch in 5 min. I'm excited. Even though I ate... like 3 hours ago. I'm ready again haha.

I got new glasses and I don't like them very much. Because I feel like they're making my headache worse. I can see better without them. But they're only for reading and when I'm on the computer.

I'm slightly delerious/tired right now. And I even slept in extra today. I think I got like 8 hours of sleep!! GO MEE.

I can't get these Hello Dolly songs out of my head. I don't mind though, its good memories. I can't wait for next year's musical and this one isn't even over yet. =]


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