Saturday, 24 January 2009

Emma Watson is STILL my Favorite Actress

I love Harry Potter so much. And I just needed to take a stroll down memory lane. I started liking it in 4th grade, when my older sister read the first chapter to me, I was hooked took the book from her and read the rest. I remember as I was finishing the first book the first movie was coming out in theaters. My parents said I couldn't see the movie until I finished the book so I read my little 9 year old eyes out into the night in order to finish in time. I went an saw the first movie later on with my dad. He fell asleep around the time they got on the Hogwarts Express. Then I kept reading the books, of course I finished all the ones that were out by the time the second movie was released. When Chamber of Secrets came out in theaters I was living in the Czech Republic. Because it was wildly popular, they dubbed it in Czech. So I didn't get to see it for the first time in English. But that doesn't matter much. I remember the 5th book coming out (I was in CZ) and my grandmother mailed it to us, and I switched of reading it with my older sister. I read the first chapter and then she read it. We stayed up all night doing this, but it was SO worth it. I had all the posters, computer games, mini poster books, action figures, pillow cases, book ends, stickers, postcards, etc. (Really etc... my list could go on for a long time). I knew everything about the books. I knew everything about the movies. I followed Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe like it was my job. I was 10 but it didn't matter, I knew how to use Google. I spent hours making collages, and I even made this cut out of me and cut out Emma Watson with me. And then made us have matching ladybug necklaces and earrings. (Oh the joys of being home schooled, stuck in a foreign country, and paintbrush). I still REALLY love harry potter. I go to mugglenet EVERY day. And of course I joined as soon as it was created. I was just now on it, and it made me miss all those hours I spent learning about the actors lives and dreaming of being in Harry Potter myself.
Emma Watson is 18 now! (April 15th, I remember because every time it was that day I would announce it, and everyone would reply it was tax day too). I miss Harry Potter it's really sad that the books are over. But at least we have 3 more movies to go, and a theme park. And Emma Watson will never fail me, she'll keep doing films (Ballet Shoes, Tale of Despereux). So hopefully I won't be too alone once they're all done. Just thought I'd go back in time a little and write down how much I appreciate Harry Potter. (I'm also taking a break from homework =])

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emily^ylime said...

I respect this so much.
Emma Watson is gorgeous, and it's not fair.